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Annex Microsystems has been a distributor for many weighing scale and balances manufacturers for more than 25 years. We are one of the leading weighing scales distributors in Singapore and stock a wide range of weighing scales and balances from "DIGI", "Adam Equipment", "Elane", "Seca", "Tanita", "CAS", etc.

We have established excellent business relationship with our principles, such as Teraoka Seiko(DIGI), Adam Equipment and Elane in which our service engineers are constantly trained and upgraded in order to better service our wide customer base. Our engineers are also well exposed to different brands of electronic weighing scales and that they are capable to carry out calibration and repairing for almost any brands ranging from lab balances to floor scales.

In 2007, we obtained an ISO 9001-2000 certification and also became one of Spring Singapore authorised verifiers.

With our dedication to the selected renowned brands and close support from the weighing scale principles, customers can always be assured of spare parts availablity, quality and efficient services at affordable price.


Featured Products 

The DC-788 is a new counting scales by DIGI that is equipped with many uniques features that greatly enhance the counting accuracy and expandabiity. It has  a high counting resolution that is capable of counting small parts with ease utilising its internal 100 parts memory storage capacity. Its bright display is easily readable at any angle and at any lighting condition making it the ideal counting scales in any counting applications.

One of the unique features of the DC-788 is its built-in capability to connect to a second weighing  platform. The standard scales (from 500g to 50kg) can be connected to an external weighing platform of capacity up to 3000kg of size: 1.5m x 1.5m On top of that, the DC-788 can be linked to an external label printer to print out vital information such as Part Code, Part Name, Lot No, Weight, Quantity, Date and Time on adhesive label.

-High counting resolution: 1/1,000,000
-100 parts memory
-Bright and large display
-Manual tare and digital tare
-Net and Gross Weight Display
-Large stainless steel  base  340x230mm
-Samle at any quantity with auto  recomputing
-Dust tight tactile feel keyboard
-Light and rugged casing
-Link to 2nd scales
-Link to Label Printer
-Customised label printout
-AC or DC powered(optional)




Model Capacity
DC788G500 500.00g
DC788K1 1000.0g
DC788K2.5 2500.0g
DC788K5 5000.0g
DC788K10 10000g
DC788K25 25000g
DC788K50 50000g

Other capacity greater than 50kg is available. Please contact our sales consultant.


Comparing features to features, the DIGI DC-788 offers the best value for money and no other counting scales is equipped with the similar specifications, expandability and price.


The DIGI DS-673 Bench Scales is a general purpose electronic scales that is suitable for any type of simple weighing. It has a large LCD readout and a rugged casing. With only 3 buttons - ON/OFF, REZERO and TARE. It is simple to use and requires minimum maintenance.

The DS673 is very portable and compact, weigh less than 3kg and can be operated by rechargeable battery lasting for more than 500 hours of usage.

-High contrast LCD readout
-23mm height weight display readout
-Light and rugged casing
-Large weighing base
-Operated by battery or AC adaptor
-Manual tare
-Auto power-off for energy saving
-Low battery power warning
-Over weight warning
-Optional second(back) display
-Optional stainless steel pan

Model Capacity
DS673K1.5 1500X0.5g
DS673K3 3000X1g
DS673K6 6000x2g
DS673K15 15000x5g
DS673K30 30000x10g




The "DIGI" DS425 is a high resolution electronic scales with a display resolution of 1/30,000. It has a stainless steel weighing pan. It can display in various weighing units and is equipped with back light LCD readout.



-Back light LCD readout
-Stainless steel weighing pan
-Operated by AC
-Height adjustable levelling feet
-Spirit level for balancing
-Splash proof keypad
-Weigh in various units such as g, lb, oz




Capacity Readability
300g 0.01g
600g 0.02g
1500g 0.5g
3000g 0.1g
6000g 0.2g
15000g 0.5g
30000g 1g