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Most of the calibration lab and testing services today claimed that they can  "calibrate" all types of balnces and scales. The term "calibration" merely means placing a standard weight on the scales and record the readings. In fact, anyone with a set of standard weights can calibrate a weighing scales as and when they require because calibration is a simple procedure - place a reference weight on scale and record the readings.

However, to us, calibration means more than that. Our calibration services not only calibrate the balances and scales, we ADJUST and FINE TUNE the balances and scales acording to a set of traceable weights and factory settings. We have both the expertise and knowledge. We have the service and maintenance manual direct from the factory. We have factory trained service technician and engineer to attend to your calibration and repairing needs.

The next time someone offers you a calibration service, ask them one simple question: