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The DIGI DS-673 Bench Scales is a general purpose electronic scales that is suitable for any type of simple weighing. It has a large LCD readout and a rugged casing. With only 3 buttons - ON/OFF, REZERO and TARE. It is simple to use and requires minimum maintenance.The DS673 is very portable and can be operated by alkaline battery lasting for more than 500 hours of continuous usage.


-High contrast LCD readout
-23mm height weight display readout
-Light and rugged casing
-Large weighing base
-Operated by batteries or AC adaptor
-Manual tare
-Auto power-off for energy saving
-Low battery power warning
-Over weight warning
-Optional second(back) display
-Optional stainless steel pan

Model Capacity
DS673K1.5 1500X0.5g
DS673K3 3000X1g
DS673K6 6000x2g
DS673K15 15000x5g
DS673K30 30000x10g





DIGI DS-425 is a low cost weighing balance offering readability as low as 0.01g. It comes with a stainless steel weighing pan and equipeed with many useful features. Besides weighing, it can perform counting function, convert weight in g or kg to a second weighing unit such as oz and lb.  

-LCD weight readout with back light
-Stainless steel weighing pan
-Built-in counting functions
-Built-in RS232 interface
-Large weighing pan measuring
-One touch tare
-Operated by AC


Model Capacity
DS425G300 300X0.01g
DS425G600 600X0.05g
DS425K3 3000x0.1g
DS425K6 6000x 0.2g
DS425K15 15000x0.5g



DIGI DS-162 consists of a weight display with external weighing platform. Because the display is away from the weighing area, bigger items can be placed on top of it, making it idea to weigh almost any items.

-Capacity: 15kg and 30kg
-LCD weight readout
-Stainless steel weighing pan
-Large weighing pan measuring  280x340mm
-Built-in RS232 interface
-One touch tare
-Operated by AC or rechargeable battery

With Short Stainless Steel Pole version



Adam Equipment CBK is an economically priced electronic weighing scales that offers value for money. It has a very modern design with a readability from 0.1g to 1g depending on model. It comes with a large stainless steel weighing pan. It can display in various weighing units and is equipped with back light LCD readout.

-Back light LCD readout
-Large stainless steel weighing pan of 225 x  275mm
-Weight Checking function
-Operated by AC or built-in rechargeable  battery
-Height adjustable levelling feet
-Spirit level for balancing
-Splash proof keypad
-Weigh in various units such as g, lb, oz

Capacity Readability
8000g 0.1g
16000g 0.5g
32000g 1g