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-Capacity: 3kg x 1g, 6kg x 2g, 15kg x 5g,
                  30kg x 10g
-Weighing Pan: ABS
-Fast response speed
-ABS anti-rust housing
-Four adjustable levelling feet
-Approved by the Weights & Measures for trade  use



-Model: PS-120 / PS-130
-Capacity: 30kg
-High accuracy of multiple range from  0.5g to 20g
-Large stainless steel weighing pan
-RS232 connection to PC for PS-130
-Use by Post office in Asia

We are the only authorised distributor in Singapore to market DIGI" PS-120 and PS-130 Postal Scales. Spare parts for both models are easily available from us.


The TBW is an electronic postal scales that is accurate to weigh both letters as light as 10g  and parcels as heavy as 30kg.

-Capacity: 30kg x 0.01kg
-Large, easy to read display
-Large stainless steel weighing pan