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Adam Equipment Analytical Balances combine precision weighing technology with modern processing software to provide the laboratory user with a reliable weighing instrument incorporating all of the features required for efficient analytical work.


-Large LCD weight readout
-Manual or Motorised calibration
-Sealed keypad
-Pan size: dia 90mm/120mm
-Up to 8 weighing units (including one  custom unit)
-Parts counting and percentage weighing
-Automatic temperature compensation
-Digital filters and suppression
-Bi-directional RS232 interface for GLP
-Below pan weighing facility
-Optional density determination

Weighing Balance at affordable prrice

Model Capacity
NBL 80g~250g

             Readability: 0.1mg







The Adam Equipment Nimbus Series Top loading Balance combines precision weighing technology with the latest processing software suitable for 0.001g to 0.01g weighing.

-Large LCD weight readout
-Sealed keypad
-Automatic temperature compensation
-Audible warning of temperature variation
-GLP compliant software
-Digital filter and suppression
-Parts counting, percentage weighing
-Bi-directional RS232 interface for GLP
-Below pan weighing facility
-Windshield included for 1mg readabilit
-Internal calibration model available

Precision Balance

Model Capacity
NBL223 220g x 0.001g
NBL423 420g x 0.001g
NBL623 620g x 0.001g
NBL823 820 x 0.001g
NBL1602 1600g x 0.01g
NBL2602 2600g x 0.01g
NBL3602 3600g x 0.01g
NBL4602 4600 x 0.01g


The Adam Equipment Nimbus Industrial Balance has a large stainless steel weighing pan and cast aluminium housing suitable for heavy capacity precision weighing.

-Robust construction and heavy duty construction
-Large stainless steel weighing pan size:  300 x 400mm
-Full range tare
-Large backlight display
-RS232 interface
-Anti-shock protection
-Below pan weighing facility
-Capacity: 8200/12000/22000 x 0.1g





The Adam Equipment Moisture Balance is a precision device for the determination of moisture content in small samples material by drying the sample with heaters.

-Large LED weight readout shows percentage moisture  or percentage solid, plus mode, temperature and time.
-7 preset drying modes
-Temperature range 50C to 250C(high temp model)
-Maintenance of the pre-selected temperature to within 1C
-Analysis automatically terminates when drying is complete or after user selectable time
-Bi-directional RS232 interface for PC connection
-Data collection software available
-Capacity: 50g/200g x 0.001g, 0.01%